When you buy remanufactured toner cartridge, there are certain factors you must consider in order to get cartridge that is best value for your

hard-earned money. Be sure to check following list. We guarantee to meet or exceed O.E.M. exacting standards in performance.


1. Primary Charge Roller(PCR): There are hard type and soft type rollers available. However, we use soft roller to get the maximum performance out of Drum. Generally soft type rollers give much better performance than hard type.  


2. Wiper Blade: There are standard(OEM) and clear type(heavy-duty). When you print multiple pages of documents, wiper blade cleans intensively heated drum. Therefore requires heavy-duty blade which it handles 1000 pages at once with ease.


3. OPC DRUM: We use HANP and FUJI LONG LIFE drums(100% quality proven). Because of it is the only part that getting contact with direct laser beam, it is one of the most important and expensive part of the cartridge. We also use diamond hard coating drum.


4. Magnetic Developer Roller: Also the important part of cartridge (magnet surface). Some manufacturers use coated or re-use OEM roller. But we only use brand-new rollers to ensure quality that always perform crisp darker print density.


5. Doctor Blade: Most manufacturers use re-coated blade. Main function of this blade is NOT cleaning but creating static for the magnetic roller. If it fails to perform, mag-roller will not work properly which, it makes vital part of cartridge.


6. Toner: Dura-Toner only uses Velvetone(Micro Fine Type). It has proven to be most durable and compatible toner that exceeds OEM performance in leading magazine reviews(never hardens/sticks to blades in intensive heat and gives best printing quality). 


7. For other parts(mostly solid plastic), do not require change. But detailed inspection and cleaning is necessary by professional staff. With Dura-Toner's expertise and intensive quality control, we have less than 0.5% defective rate (OEM Standard).